Moving Light

I attended a wonderful concert by a local Austin choral group, Conspirare, which was so amazing. All of the songs were about light, or lux aeternum. It was held in a church which allowed the voices and instruments to soar. And there was a dance group of women dressed, and with hairstyles that made one think of an ancient Greek chorus.

The dancers, at the beginning of their time on stage, sat in poses under glittering white cloth attached at the back of their dresses by a ring allowing the cloth to be drawn over their heads in a cocoon. And with subtle movements they became butterflies flying about the stage.

This concert brought two things to my mind. One, that despite all the corruption, greed, warring, destruction, murder, rape and exploitation, ie. despite all the ugliness our species is capable of, that we are also capable of moments of great beauty, generosity, growth, and magnificence. Their voices, the songs composed, the music played all made me wish that our species doesn’t kill itself off before we’ve had a chance to evolve, and grow into the beauty and away from the ugly. I believe we are headed that way, if only we an get past this growing pain, of what I believe to be, adolescence of humanity.

And the concert also lead me to thinking on writing, and use of written language, as moving light. More on that as the idea coalesces more. It’s just an idea knocking about in the old noggin’. Something about moving light, is going to be in my novel, to be used by the characters, somehow. I think that is what my brain is trying to tell me. It is so fascinating to me how the brain works in this manner, how one thing can lead to another, if only we are willing to follow the rabbit down the rabbit hole. And that too is another thought or topic for another day.

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