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Rose Colored Sunglasses

I was leaving work today, driving in my car, the usual. And then I looked up. and saw one of the most beautiful and unusual sights I’ve ever seen.


A Twist in the Tail

It was Mi-lan’s duty to guard the shadow stone, so she kept watch on visiting worshippers.


And We Shall Go A Guising

This holy day isn’t just about the last viable harvest before the cold and dark sets in. It’s also about celebrating the dead, honoring their lives.


Autumn’s Song

Autumn is my favorite season of the year. What isn’t there to love about Autumn? The tilting of the Earth on it’s axis is like a dance step. The light turns golden, and seems filled with bubbles, as though it has turned into champagne. A sparkling quality permeates everything.The shortening days are warm and the longer nights are cool. And sometimes the warm sunlit atmosphere is juxtaposed with a kiss of Winter’s impending entrance.


Know Thyself…

So I was thinking on moving light more. And we, the human race. What are we but (according to quantum physics) moving light, or energy. Everything is just that, moving energy, bumping, swirling, orbiting and brushing up and melding with each other.


Moving Light

I attended a wonderful concert by a local Austin choral group, Conspirare, which was so amazing. All of the songs were about light, or lux aeternum. It was held in a church which allowed the voices and instruments to soar. And there was a dance group of women dressed, and with hairstyles that made one think of an ancient Greek chorus.