Rose Colored Sunglasses

I was leaving work today, driving in my car, the usual. Same route, same routine, different day. That wagon wheel rut we get into, doing the day to day, worker bees buzzing to and fro like we do. And then I looked up. and saw one of the most beautiful and unusual sights I’ve ever seen. In a sky filled only with cirrocumulus clouds (yes I had to look that up, too) that had formed in a swirl pattern. Out of the middle of one of those beautiful delicate spirals a beam of rainbow light shot straight out of it. Not a traditional rainbow that arcs across a rainy or even a sun filled sky, like today.

It was so amazing to see, and when I raised my sunglasses, you almost couldn’t see it, but with them on it was strong and bright. And at the same time as I am driving through Autumn sunlight watching this rainbow beacon shimmer before me, the local classical radio station is playing one of the most haunting and beautiful choral pieces, “Render”, sung by “A Room Full of Teeth.” It’s a non verbal musical piece of varying notes projected by the singer’s voices so that their voices become an instrument, rather than a vehicle for a song.

It’s beauty matched the scene before me, and enhanced it, or rather blended with it, as if they were one and the same. Luscious, vibrancy filled with beauty and grace and I was a part of it. It touched that place in all of us that touches the entire universe. The atoms that make up the stars are in us too. We are star stuff, as is everything, including the rainbow.

And the song on the radio vibrated those atoms and created one exquisite moment, the kind you want to hold on to forever, but is as ephemeral as the words I had rolling through my head that I wanted to put down in this blog. But my words are pale and weak in comparison to what I saw, heard, and felt in that treasure that I was given.

And the song finished as I turned so that I no longer could see the rainbow as I headed for home. And I wondered, if everyone driving saw what I saw, through their sunglasses. And I realized that it’s all about perception, some may not have had sunglasses so the rainbow would have been very pale hardly visible. While other’s sunglasses may have been better than my own, maybe the rainbow did arc. And so, the vision I had, coupled with the hauntingly beautiful music, was a gift just for me, the way I saw, and heard, and processed it all. Unique to just me, because I am who I was, where I was at that particular moment. We should all wear, as writers, rose colored glasses, or sunglasses in this case, so we can see the world as new, amazing, and full of wonder.

I don’t believe in coincidences these moments are little love notes from the universe. Snatch those moments when they come, but remember, they will affect you on a profound ways and take time to process on a subconscious level. And while they may be as evanescent as mist, they will stay with you, they leave their mark as indelible as a tattoo.

My meager words do not do the moment justice at all.

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