Know Thyself…

So I was thinking on moving light more. And we, the human race. What are we but (according to quantum physics) moving light, or energy. Everything is just that, moving energy,  bumping, swirling, orbiting and brushing up and melding with each other.

We think we’re solid, but we’re not. We are moving light, it all is, everything in the universe. But with this illusion of solidity, that we believe exists, we start to limit ourselves. We think we have to place limitations on what we want, who we are, and what we can do, and this is just a sad little tale we tell ourselves. And that sad little story keeps up doing jobs we have no love for, or getting less money than we really deserve to have, or perpetuating a feeling of scarcity instead of celebrating what we have, and how truly rich we really are.

We set up road blocks, talk ourselves out of things we really want to do . We even let others set up roadblocks that they have and take them as our own: society, culture, parents, teachers, friends. We paint each other with the brushes of our own energy and our own beliefs. For what are beliefs but energy and moving light?

There are three phrases written above the temple at Delphi, the most well known of course, is “know thyself” (I’ll write more on the others later). We are all here for a purpose, we come here to this illusion of physicality with talents and the ability to do something no one else can do. But finding that purpose can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. Many never find it, either giving up after trying and failing, or falling into that hypnosis of “reality” and “normalcy”.  And yes, you may be a writer, or an actor, or run a business. And you may say “how is that different from someone else being a writer, or an actor, or a business owner?” Because your story, your art, your music, the way you play your instrument, the business that you own and run is going to be unique because of you. ONLY you can play that instrument that way, paint that painting, write that story, act that role, serve the public in your way. There is no one else who can do what you do. I tell this to a friend of mine who is an “aspiring” writer. I put aspiring in quotes because that is his belief. As a person who has read what he has written, he is a writer, he needs only believe it of himself, and keep providing the creative Universe (or living, moving, intelligent light) with direct action proving this is so, by, of course, writing.

So to find our purpose? Know Thyself. Not who you’ve been told you are by culture, gender or sexual stereotypes, parents, teachers, education, or peers. Who are you? What story, role, artwork, business, idea, invention are you meant to give to the world? Listen to your heart, follow your intuition, and follow your bliss. What makes you happy, gives you joy, makes you feel alive? That’s the path to go. The most important carving on the temple at Delphi was “know thyself”, because without that, it’s easy to lose you way and become like the Lotus Eaters in the Odyssey, and forget what you are really here to do with joy and passion.

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